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Desiree Briceno is a Certified Independent Educational Consultant with Usborne Books & More. Desiree offers personalized services to schools, groups and families by offering Fundraisers, Free Book Fairs, Literacy Seminars, Reach for the Stars Reading Programs, Literacy for a Lifetime Programs, Smarty Pants Reading Camps as well as Special Seminars for Parents and children on Literacy.

Desiree is 30 years old and is the mother of two wonderful boys Verique who is 8 years old and Jehu who is 5 years old. While in college Desiree Volunteered at Holy Savior Catholic Academy in Wichita Kansas for a few months, an opening became available for an assistant Pre school Teacher there and was offered the position. This is the job that made her realize that she loved working with children and she also had a passion to nurture their educational growth.

A few years later Desiree moved to Toms River New Jersey, where she found work as an

assistant teacher at Grace and Peace Academy. Her love for children continued to grow and she found that she wanted to not only help children succeed in school, but also she wanted to have her own business while doing it. Her entrepreneurial spirit pushed her to find the business opportunity of her dreams. She started working for Usborne Books & More at the start of 2012 and enjoys the opportunity to build her very own business while promoting literacy both nationally and internationally.

There are several programs available to schools, daycare centers, libraries, groups, and families through Usborne Books & More that allows them to earn free books as well as money for their children/students. Desiree make these programs available to people in her community as well as in states allover the country. She also helps groups, organizations and schools raise money to support their cause/need/growth through Cards for a Cause Fundraisers.

Desiree strongly believes in her companies mission statement which states “The future of our world depends on the education of our children. Usborne Books & More delivers educational excellence on book at a time. We provide economic opportunities while fostering strong families. We touch the lives of children for a lifetime.” She diligently promotes literacy in a hope to give children and families a brighter future.


The company that Desiree works with is called Usborne Books & More which was founded by Peter Usborne in 1975. Usborne Books is the worlds leading publishers of non-fiction books for children with translations in over forty languages. Usborne Publishing has won the Times Educational Supplement Information Book Award as well as several other Prestigious awards for their books.

The Educational Development Corporation (EDC) was founded in 1961 to develop supplemental curriculum material for schools. In 1978, the EDC acquired the rights to publish children’s from the Usborne Publishing Company in England. EDC began distributing Usborne Books through the Publishing Division in 1978.

“The remarkable success of Usborne Books derives from the simple idea that it is possible, without any sacrifice of quality, to produce non-fiction books as interesting and entertaining as television, magazines and comics-media that most children instinctively prefer”. The company competes with those “friendly” media in a number of ways many of them unique to Usborne Publishing.

“The growth in sales of Usborne books has remarkably frown in the past few years, we believe, by the rapidly increasing concern among parents to support the education of their children by providing stimulating and interesting books at home”.

The Home Business Division distributes books through independent consultants like Desiree Briceno who sell directly to consumers via Home Shows, direct sales, book fairs and web sales, and also when registered as en educational consultants they have the right to sell to the school and library market.

Kane Miller Titles are also varied by Usborne books, which just like Usborne books are very age specific titles from baby all the collections, Kid Activity Kits Learning Palettes, Homework Helpers are all the types of books provided by the company. From touchy feely baby books to encyclopedias, Usborne Books and more has every aspect of a child’s education al development covered. Usborne Books also has K-12 Supplemental Materials to support educators as they implement the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS).


Desiree Provides personalized services to schools, libraries, daycare centers, families, organizations and groups. She helps them raise free books and money for their students/children. She meets with the director of each group/school to discuss the various programs that are available to help meet their academic or financial need. Whether the need is books for the classroom, library, community project, or just cash for a specific purpose. All materials needed for the event chosen by the group/school is provided by Desiree as well as training, 24/7 support and help with advertising the. Desiree says “ I make myself readily available so that every event can have the highest success possible.”

Here is a brief overview of the Programs Desiree Offers:

1. Reading is a Gift Book Fairs:
These types of book fairs are fun, easy, and hassle free. This Program was developed to encourage reading and at the same time, raise money and/free books for schools or organizations. Book Fairs are commercial free without Corporate Marketing or Media Tie -Ins. You can have a traditional one or a Catalog Book Fair, as well as hold an Efair (for parents to conveniently shop online) in conjunction with your book fair.

* Children choose from high Quality Usborne & Kane Miller Titles.
* Your Organization/School receives up to 50% in free books.
* You can earn up to 25% Cash for the Organization.
* You can choose a Combo – earn a combination of Free Books and Cash
* Shipping is always Free.
2. Reach For the Stars Program:
This is an exceptionally generous pledge based reaching incentive program. The goal of this program is for the participants to read, or be read to for 300 minutes over a two week period of time. This is great for schools, libraries, daycares, pre-schools, boy scouts, girl scouts, church groups, non profit organizations for children.

* Children develop a reading routine
* Children develop a love for books
* Children receive Free Books and other prizes for participating.
* The Organization can choose to receive either Free Books only
* The Organization can choose to receive Both Free Books and Cash.
3. Literacy For a Lifetime:
This is a 50% Grant Matching Program partnering Educational Development Corporation (EDC) with Schools, Businesses & Foundations to support local educational institutions. EDC is the leading publisher of children’s non-fiction books.

* There are over 1300 Products to choose
* $200.00 minimum
* Free Shipping
* No cap on amount matched.
* Desiree will help 100% with Advertising and getting local businesses involved.
4. Cards For A Cause Fundraisers:
Usborne Books & More offers a unique fundraising program with value-for-money greeting cards and a high return to the organization raising the funds. This unique fundraiser offers boxed sets of 30 beautifully embellished cards in the matching envelopes to help your organization reach their financial goal.

* Over 40% of RETAIL Sales go to the Organization
* High -Quality Products for unbeatable prices
* Unlimited Earning potential – You set your goal and Desiree will help you achieve it.
* Personalized Service – Desiree provides all of the materials necessary to run your fund raiser and reach your goals.
* Help with Advertisement of the event & 24/7 assistance
5. Home Shows:
This is where individuals and families share the love of reading with their friends, family and neighbors. They host a Home Show and receive lots of free books so that they can start building their own home library.

* Hostess gets a Merchandise Allowance, which is Free books earned based on retail sales at the Home Show.
* Hostess Books, Up to $25 worth of books to use as an additional incentive
* The more books sold at the Home Show, the host or hostess receives even more free books for themselves.

6. Recruiting & Training:
Desiree helps other individuals start and build their very own Usborne Books & More Business. She shares the opportunity to become an Independent Educational Consultant with Usborne Books and gives intensive and personalized training to each individual so that they can learn, grow and have a successful and lucrative Home Based Business.

Benefits Of Being an Independent Consultant:
* Earn money right away
* 25% commission on Home Show Sales
* Unique sales opportunities through schools, libraries, grant programs, book fairs, fundraisers and more
* Gain Financial security
* Earn Travel incentives to places such as Rome, Paris, Hawaii and Costa Rica
* Make a Difference
* Encourage a love of reading and learning
* Set children on a course for greater success later in life
* Help Others begin their own success stories

Desiree also holds small seminars and workshops in her community to help promote Literacy. These seminars cover things such as: Ways to encourage your child to read, Literacy tips, Information on how parents can help foster and nurture their child’s education, (CCSS) Common Core State Standards and supplemental school material that they can use for the home to help their children grow.. Desiree also lets the parents know what programs are available to them and the community to help raise money &/ books for their children. Resources are made available to each individual about Special Needs Children and their education as well Leveling Information.
One On One With Individuals

A very great part of the services that is offered by Desiree is that she caters to the needs of everyone, she will also meet with an individual/parent/grandparent etc, to share with them the great books that Usborne has to offer the child in their life. She helps them choose which books is best for their age and reading level and also keeps them up to date on new titles that their young one might love based on their past orders or wish lists.

All Clients receive Personalized Service to meet their ever changing and growing needs.

To contact Desiree call (347)857-5124

Email her at desyrb@aol.com

Website at http://www.S3753.myubam.com


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